671 Seneca Street

Buffalo, NY 14210



Endorsed Candidates for 2021

Erie County Family Court
Sharon M. LoVallo

Erie County Sheriff
Brian J. Gould

Erie County Comptroller
Kevin R. Hardwick

Erie County Legislature 
District 1- Howard J. Johnson, Jr.
District 2- April N. McCants-Baskin
District 3- Lisa M. Chimera
District 4- John A. Bargnesi, Jr.
District 5- Jeanne M. Vinal
District 6- Ronald S. Shubert
District 7- Timothy J. Meyer
District 9- John J. Gilmour
District 10- Peter A. Schwan

City of Buffalo, Mayor
Byron W. Brown

City of Buffalo, City Court
Diane Y. Wray
Phillip L. Dabney, Jr.
Rebecca L. Town

City of Lackawanna, Council
First Ward- Amira H. Muflahi
Second Ward- Karl R. Anderson
Third Ward- Dean J. Moretti

City of Tonawanda, Mayor
Rick Davis

City of Tonawanda, Council
First Ward- Gerald Frizzell
Second Ward- Dawn M. Kammerdeiner
Third Ward- Sean M. Rautenstrauch
Fourth Ward- David R. Mileham

Town of Amherst
Supervisor- Brian J. Kulpa
Councilman- Jacqualine G. Berger
Councilman- Shawn A. Lavin
Town Justice- Kara A. Buscaglia

Town of Aurora
Supervisor- James J. Bach
Councilman- James F. Granville
Councilman- Joseph M. Mccann
Town Clerk- Martha L. Librock
Town Justice- Jeffrey P. Markelo
Town Superintendent of Highways- David M. Gunner

Town of Boston
Councilman- Gary E. Vera
Councilman- Bryant M. Burns
Town Justice- Debra K. Bender

Town of Cheektowaga
Councilman- Brian M. Nowak
Councilman- Brian N. Pilarski
Councilman- Stanley J. Kaznowski, III

Town of Colden
Town Superintendent of Highways- Paul J. Clarkson

Town of Collins
Councilman- James Hotnich
Councilman- Robert E. O’Connor

Town of Concord
Councilman- Kelly A. Campbell
Town Justice- Ashley Rea Lowry
Town Superintendent of Highways- Daniel P. Salzler

Town of Eden
Councilman- Francis J. McLaughlin
Town Justice- Michael G. Cooper
Town Assessor- Robert W. Pietrocarlo

Town of Evans
Councilman (4-Year Term)- Desmond D. Metzger
Councilman (4-Year Term)- Lindsay J. Gottorff
Councilman (2-Year Term)- Laurie H. Reitz
Town Clerk- Lynn M. Krajacic
Town Superintendent of Highways- Jack J. Fritz

Town of Grand Island
Councilman- John T. Mikkelson
Councilman- Richard D. D’Agostino

Town of Hamburg
Supervisor- Randall A. Hoak
Councilman- Megan A. Comerford
Councilman- Carly W. Story
Town Justice- Gerald P. Gorman
Town Superintendent of Highways- Edward S. Hughes

Town of Holland
Town Clerk- Jill M. Zientek

Town of Lancaster
Councilman- Paul H. Rudz
Councilman- Michael J. Wozniak
Town Justice- Anthony G. Marecki
Town Superintendent of Highways- Daniel J. Amatura
Trustee Public Library- Suzanne M. Jacobs
Trustee Public Library- Barbara J. Tamol

Town of Newstead
Town Superintendent of Highways- Michael C. Bassanello

Town of Orchard Park
Supervisor- Daniel A. Teplesky
Councilman- Mary M. Penn
Councilman- Michael B. Risman
Councilman- Janis A. Colarusso
Town Justice- Edward A. Pace
Town Superintendent of Highways- David P. Zarbo

Town of Tonawanda
Councilman- Gina M. Santa Maria
Councilman- Jill Y. O’Malley
Councilman- Shannon M. Patch
Town Superintendent of Highways- Thomas C. Jones

Town of West Seneca
Councilman- William J. Bauer
Councilman- David Smaczniak